Spousal Sick Leave Sharing Benefit
(Approved July 25, 2008)

  1. Staff may only transfer leave to their spouse
  2. Sick leave may be transferred only if it has been accrued and available.
  3. Requests for the transfer of leave will not be processed retroactively, except to cover the period between the date the request was submitted and the date of approval.
  4. Leave will be transferred in no less than blocks of five days but no more than ten days during any one fiscal year. For purposes of the procedure, day is defined as the number of regular work hours specified by the transferring employee's assignment.
  5. Unused transferred leave will not be returned to the transferring employee.
  6. Staff must have at least one year of full-time service before they qualify to transfer or receive sick time under this benefit.
  7. This benefit does not impact a staff member's ability to apply for sick time from the sick bank.
  8. Transferee must maintain a minimum balance of 10 sick days.
Spousal Sick Leave Donation Form